Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Alien is DEAD

Well thats it. The last run was just like all the others. The clutch went on one engine and the car did 81. Its in pieces now never to be rebuilt in that format.

I have deceided to build a single engine speed machine for now and see how fast I can get that to go before attempting another 3 engines machince. Both should be ready by September 08


Monday, 1 October 2007

One Last Run

Wednesday will be the last run of the car in its present form. I have rebuilt the car and reset all three clutches as close as possible and all three 2nd speeds exactly the same. I'll video the final speed run then its to be broken down into its component parts and be used for the new design.

Hopefully I will hve "Alien 2" up and running by March 2008. I will post the results of the last run.


Sunday, 23 September 2007

Speed Event

The speed event was held today at Long Marston and things didnt really go as planned but it wasnt a bad event. Here is the vid

The day started as it continued with me spilling a large coffee in my lap as I got out of the car!!

The timing loops were placed 30m apart and taped to the tarmac. The tape held up OK. DOug Tanner of Cotswolds RC car club was in charge of the timing and he did a fantastic job of organising. Well done Doug.

The trails got under way and I started with the RRR. I ran a couple of runs at 90ish then changed the gearing lower. The touring shell was lifting at high speed so changed to the Lola. I finally managed 100.00 mph over the 30m loop!! AT LAST!!

An electric car took off over the loop and nearly hit a kid that had wandered onto the track, it was then Doug decieded that we should move the timing loop so that it was behind the concrete barriers.

I ran the triple and had problems again. Poor setup was too blame and I should have spent more time on it instead of messing with the RRR. Anyway I think the problems are terminal and I will need to feed the power through a single 2 speed gearbox. To prove this I have ordered all new clutches and 2 speeds and will set them up so they are exactly the same. If this doesnt work its back to the drawing board.

I ran 103.59mph making the contest a dead heat between me and the electric guy.

Well thats the summer over and its back to crap weather, oh wait thats what we had all summer!! I plan to do one more run and then redesign the car for the world championships next year.

It's been a blast!!


Friday, 21 September 2007

5 mins of fame!

Well today was a bit odd. I went to the track on Tuesday with the BBC as they wanted to film the car for a news event. The article was aired on Midlands today and here is a link to the article

Then I got a call from the radio station in coventry and discussed the car live on air!! seems like everybody is interested in rc speed cars all of a sudden.

Anyway I managed to fit a .21 engine into the RRR. I had a to carry out a few mods to get it to fit

Firstly the engine mounts did not fit on the original chassis so I made a new one, Then the engine stuck out too far at the back so the middle belt wouldnt fit so I had to lengthen the lay shafts.

Its installed now so ready for Sunday. Here is a pic

Monday, 17 September 2007

RRR at 94 Mph

I made 94 mph today witht he RRR. I changed the gearing to 22/56 and the rear tyres to 65 mm. That means the engine was at 30,000 rpm. The max power will be around 35,000 rpm so it might go a bit faster with lightly smaller tyres.

Here is the vid...

I have removed 0.1 head shim and will try again with a cooler plug.

The triple seems to work ok but the engines need more running in. It took 2 hrs to mess with them as the starter box is not powerfull enough to turn them over when cold. I just ran a few tanks through them to try to loosen them up but everything went flat so went home.

The BBC said they will be filming the car and it will be on Midlands Today!! Must get my hair cut....

Thursday, 13 September 2007

Problem Solved

Well it wasnt the stinger length but the carb extentions. I took them off and managed to configure the carbs to pull at an angle. The engines now work perfectly with massive power right up to full revs and I can hold full revs for 6-8 seconds with no problem of leaning.

I still need to try it at the track but am confident now I have solved the engine tuning issues and can now attempt some speed runs at 100mph and beyond.

Wednesday, 12 September 2007


Well I got the new motors and have 2 installed. I tested the car just before I put them in and still had the same problem. I have narrowed it down (I think ) to the exhaust mod I did. The stinger is too big and not giving enogh pressure to the tank at high revs and so the engine goes lean. If I richen it uo then at low revs it bogs down and doesnt work.

I have changed the stingers from 10mm to 7.5mm and made them longer. Initial tests seem ok but I need a day at the track to really try it out.