Sunday, 29 July 2007

Worlds Fastest Rc Car Challenge, Callifornia Speedway

It was all worth it!!

All the racers met at a local diner and had breakfast before heading to the track. The track was one lane of the california Speedway Drag Strip and had concrete wall all the way around. The track was slick and had zero grip! It was like running foams on wet tarmac.

I started my car and tried to tune it for the 30% Odonnel fuel and the 95 deg F temps. I had to lean the engines nearly 1 1/2 turns to get them to keep running.

I did a quick pass without the shell and a very short run up to the speed trap just to see if the engines would not flame out but all but one stopped before crossing the line at 48.2 mph.

It was hard to get track time as the electric cars were ready to go at a few seconds notice where i had to start all the engines and tune them up before running then back to the starter box after one had died.

Next run I tried to launch the car and keep the engines running. I did the same short run up and no shell. This time one engine stopped before the launch and the car did 68.7 mph croosing the line with no engines running.

I leaned the engines a full 3/4 turns and tried again. I extended the run up to around 200m and launched very steady. I managed full throttle at about 100m to go to the trap and got 88 mph. All 3 engines were still running so I managed to get the car back for another run. Right this is it!! A quick refuel and its a full run up at full throttle.

I jumped off the wall to fill the car and my knee caught the battery lead to the transmitter. The car took off and smashed into the wall loosing the front end. The car then took off up the drag strip crashing into the timekeepers chair and that was it.

Lessons learned.

The track conditions wer not good and I needed to have the option of running a smaller gear. I tried to go to fast and needed to get post a decent speed around 100 - 120 before gearing up.

The engines need to be changed for something with a lot more bottom end punch. Next plan is to:

Change the rear pulleys from 16/18 to 15/19.
Change the side pulleys from 19/14 to 18/15 to maintain 3% overdrive
Change the gearing to 15/49 45/19
Make and install 3 x alluminium clutch shoes
Install Novarossi 3 x 35 plus 21 engines. or maybe change out the R03 and the Sirio to RB Xenon Rs
Install a steering gyro

I also need a new shell as the blue one is toast!

I have pics and vids i'll post later


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