Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Murnan OS .18 TZP

I just got the Murnan OS .18 TZP for the RRR and have it installed and running in. First impressions is that it has massive low end power. I have managed 5 tanks running in and will be testing the RRR soon. I'll keep you posted


Friday, 17 August 2007

More testing

Well the 3 tanks didnt make any difference to the performance. It still gets to about half revs and then sounds like its starving of fuel. I am going to have to think differently about the needle settings. The plugs were not good and I didnt have any spares. I managed 82 mph

I managed to get 84 mph with the RRR with a .12 engine in it. If I had more room it would have gone 95 with this gearing

The electric car has problems with the diffs as the thing doesnt like going straight. 54mph was the best I could get.

More testing on Sunday if it doesnt rain....

Monday, 13 August 2007

3 tanks

I'm just back from testing and the engines were not happy. It was pretty obvious from the last run that the pressure in the tank is not suited to all the engines and so I need to change the single fuel tank to three

I have now fitted 3 tanks, one for each engine and just nran the car up the road. Usually its really sluggish to take off but this time it shot off like a rat up a drain pipe!! Usually one, two or all three engines stall but this time they all kept running and I could brake and turn around and do another quick burst. Looks like the next test could be the one!!! (100mph?)

Friday, 10 August 2007

Electric Car

This is the latest car for the speed event. The Yokomo BD with Novak GTB/Velocity 3.5R brushless and 4800 mah LiPo cells

My son will be running it so I can stick to IC cars only.. LOL

New Shell for the RRR

Pics of the new shell.

Thursday, 9 August 2007

Kyosho RRR BRCA legal. Top speed 130 mph

I just moded the RRR internal drive ratio to extend it for top speed. I changed the RRR rear diff to a custom solid axle with a 5mm pitch 14T pulley and added a 14T pulley on the layshaft. These were linked with a 10mm wide belt.

This mod changed the front to rear drive ratio so I had to change the side pulleys and belts. I ordered a 2.5mm pitch pully and belt system but it hadnt arrived when I checked what I had laying around. The 25T side pulley from the Evolva linked to the 15T side pulley from the Evolva gave me exactly the right overdrive ratio and the original side belt was a perfect fit!!

Pics below of the mod

The engine installed is the Novarossi 12-5 SCT but I am waiting for the OS 18 TZP Murnan Modeefied.

The rear pod pulls off and is replaced with a BRCA legal podfor normal racing. I just install the side pulleys back to kit and ready for normal racing

Sunday, 5 August 2007

No testing for a while

I went to Shakespeare raceway today and trierd to run the car but they are still clearing up from The Global Gathering last week. The end of the strip is a total mess and the fields are littered with broken tents

Next week is the Bulldog Bash so no testing this week and then they will have to clear up after that and then I'm on holiday... damn..

Unless I can find another site it looks like the next time I'll be running the car is September


Saturday, 4 August 2007

New Body Shell

This is the latest bodyshell to replace the last one that got trashed at the speed event.

Its basically the same 2 shells. The front is a Frewer GTR and the back is a Kyosho Lola. The Frewer came painted hence the snazzy paint job ant the front but I couldnt be arsed to match it up at the back so just sprayed the back white. I also left the wheels covered for better aerodynamics and cut the front bumper to lower the shell.

Its a slight improvement