Sunday, 2 September 2007

RRR 89 mph

I was testing again today. I have run in the OS .18 TZP Murnan and ran the RRR with the new engine. I clocked 89 mph running slightly uphill and against the wind with 20/56 gearing and 65mm tyres.

Here is the vid of an 87 Mph run

I then tested the triple engine car and tried everything to get the car going OK. I tuned each engine seperatly on the bench and each picked up to full revs in 2nd gear almost instantly. Each time I put it on the track they just bogged down just around the change point. The max speed I got was 78 mph.

I need to change all the engines for the same ones. The RBs I ordered were out of stock so I will get 3 x 35PLUS 21s instead as i thik they have more power. The other thing I want to change is the clutches. I think the weights are too heavy and need lightening up. I think they need to slip more.

I will also try installing just 2 engines and running the car at full speed. The reduced weight with only 2 engines should help

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