Monday, 17 September 2007

RRR at 94 Mph

I made 94 mph today witht he RRR. I changed the gearing to 22/56 and the rear tyres to 65 mm. That means the engine was at 30,000 rpm. The max power will be around 35,000 rpm so it might go a bit faster with lightly smaller tyres.

Here is the vid...

I have removed 0.1 head shim and will try again with a cooler plug.

The triple seems to work ok but the engines need more running in. It took 2 hrs to mess with them as the starter box is not powerfull enough to turn them over when cold. I just ran a few tanks through them to try to loosen them up but everything went flat so went home.

The BBC said they will be filming the car and it will be on Midlands Today!! Must get my hair cut....

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Nick Maslowski said...

Good job ziggy! that thing sounds sweet. Get a link to that BBC video so we can all see. Good job zig!